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Stanford VS SBM – ITB

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Stanford’s course is designed to explore the variables that stimulate and inhibit creativity and innovation in individuals, teams, and organizations. The course uses many techniques, including classroom workshops, case studies, team projects, field trips, and expert classroom visitors. Students are encouraged to try new approaches to creative problem solving in many different environments. In each class, Stanford focus on a different variable related to creativity, such as team dynamics, creativity under pressure, or managing creative individuals. Experts are invited into the classroom to help lead discussions and activities focusing on creativity in different environments. In addition to classroom activities and readings, each student will become a member of a team. Each team will have the task to identify an organization that they think is particularly innovative. Teams will investigate the organization of their choice, focusing on the factors that make the organization innovative. In the final two classes, each team will present their findings in the most creative way possible. This project allows students to to dive into the creative practices of a specific organization, to practice working in creative teams, to stretch their imaginations, and to learn about a range of creative environments from each other. This class is highly experiential, requiring each student to come prepared to participate actively. The more each student puts into the course, the more he or she will take away.

From the programs above, there are no significant difference about the methods in teaching creativity and innovation between Stanford university and SBM ITB university. in SBM, the lecturer also uses similar kinds of method such as individual projects, team projects, videos of creative inventions and ideas, etc. the different is that in SBM does not use other variables related to creativity such as creativity under pressure, or managing creative individuals. However, the approach in SBM is much more fun and give much more freedom for the students. In SBM, students are given the freedom to elaborate their creativity without boundaries. We remembered the first day of class, the lecturer said that to be creative, you must be brave to break the rule. “Break the rules” here does not mean breaking the law but being brave on thinking the unthinkable. Like the examples that the lecturer gave about his friend who ends up in jail because he invented something creative in the communication system that makes the government’s communication company experienced loss. We may conclude that being creative needs courage. Don’t be afraid of anything in being creative. Some of the creative inventors such as Einstein, also broke the law in order to invent something new. In SBM, not only the most creative company, the students were also given an assignment related to the most creative person. In the most creative person, each student must choose the most creative person according to them and why do they choose this person. Other than the differences above, Stanford university and SBM ITB university methods are pretty much the same.

The last thing in our mind is in SBM we can be what we wanted and want to be, not what they wanted and want us to be.


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October 19, 2008 at 2:03 pm

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