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Foxy Flying Fox

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Background: When you take a break from studying in SBM and you don’t know what to do except smoking (for smokers) and you want to get an exciting break time but you can only play cards or maybe eating Indomie.

Vision: Making a facility that give challenges and excitements to give a more entertaining environment.

Mission: Build a flying fox in the parking lot and operate it at a certain time. Only the thing that we’re currently debating is the checkpoints. Where from and where to? From our wildest and stupidest imagination we hope we can build it from SBM rooftop to maybe Sabuga, maybe BSM, maybe Batukaras, maybe Mars, maybe not. Who knows?

There are certain rules if you want to participate. First, don’t talk about foxy flying fox. The second rule is don’t talk about foxy flying fox. The third rule is the same. The same until the hundredth rule. Then the hundred and one rule is too tell about the foxy flying fox, to Gabriel in Heaven.  I know you think we are very genius, and we’re awfully sorry to make you feel so little and helpless. But that’s what we are. A genius. All the foxy flying fox in the world only makes you transported from one place to another, where our flying fox transport you from one world to another.


Written by paralelakijalang

October 19, 2008 at 12:49 pm

Posted in Projects

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